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Resonance 2014-2018

Resonance 2014-2018

Confusion, curiosity, hesitation, uncertainty… were some of the emotions that overflowed from the faces of the B-tech first year students on the eve of July 17, 2014.

A whole new world lay in front of them and all they could see was the magnificent NIIT University welcoming them with open arms. The day ended with the students telling each other about themselves and getting acquainted with their new home. This was however, just the beginning.

The next day commenced with the orientation sessions for the freshers by the seniors and the faculty. And that is when the Head start or the Induction programme started.

The objective of the programme was to orient the freshers towards 24 * 7 campus life with emphasis on holistic development as well as acclimatize them for an ideal routine of a typical day on the campus and to prepare them at same level so that they can get a wholesome feel of NU.

The ‘Resonance’ involved numerous co-curricular activities and to provide a perfect feel, the students were divided into random clusters. Senior students and faculty members mentored each cluster. The clusters comprised of self elected Shers, Reporters, Mr./Ms. Green, Mr./Ms. Etiquette, Mr./Ms. Clock and the mentors as Contingents.

Each cluster had to compete for the various activities that were assigned to them by the contingents. The activities were designed to sharpen the co-operation skills of the students and to promote a sense of responsibility and team-work within them. The students had to punctually attend the introductory classes as well as the cluster activities which included Trekking, Suryodaya Sthal visit, Scar scaling, Campus tour, Shramdaan, Earth Air Tunnel (EAT), Tree Plantation and Valley Crossing. The cluster sports had Volleyball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table tennis and Basketball which did rejuvenate everybody to the very roots.

The co-curricular clubs like Dance, Theatre, Music, Debate, Photography, Movie making and PC Gaming added to the adrenaline rush. Amidst all this, the cluster mentors and the ever enriching faculty cleared the minds of the freshers about their upcoming life at NU.

The ‘Resonance’ programme indeed insinuate the spirit within each fresher that was so very necessary for them to gel into their new home, the NU…

Jharna Srivastava
B. Tech 1st Year
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