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Prof. Karmeshu

Prof Karmeshu

Prof. Karmeshu
  • Professor, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Prof Karmeshu is Professor, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi since 1986. Prior to joining JNU, he taught in the Department of Systems Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and the University of Mexico (UAM) and UNAM, Mexico. He has delivered several invited seminars/lectures in India and other countries.

Prof Karmeshu got his BSc (Honours) in Physics from the University of Delhi, where he scored the highest percentage of marks in all Honours’ courses and was awarded the Gold Medal. He then completed his MSc and PhD (Stochastic Modelling of Diffusion of Brownian particles) from Delhi University. In 1976, Prof Karmeshu proceeded to the University of Stuttgart to work with Prof Haken, the founder of Synergetics. He broadened his research interests and began working in the area of Stochastic Modelling of non-linear problems arising in a variety of systems ranging from physical, engineering, and socio-technical systems. His earlier work on noise in nuclear reactors and the diffusion of innovation are well cited and has been included in several books/monographs.

Prof Karmeshu has published over a hundred research papers in refereed journals and has edited the book, “Entropy measures, maximum entropy principle and emerging applications,” Springer-Verlag. He has also edited two special issues of JSIR (CSIR Golden jubilee year) on Mathematical modelling of Innovation Diffusion and R&D Management.

Prof Karmeshu’s current areas of research interests are Performance Modelling of Communication Networks and Wireless Systems; Statistical Modelling of Ultrasound Images; Computational Neuroscience; and Stochastic Models of Social Systems.

Awards and recognition

Prof Karmeshu serves on a number of expert committees and is the recipient of:

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