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Admission Round for BTech, BBA & Integrated MBA(After Class XII) closing on May 31, 2024. Limited Seats Left.

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Admission Round for BTech, BBA & Integrated MBA(After Class XII) closing on May 31, 2024. Limited Seats Left.

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Vijay Mandke

Prof Vijay Vasantrao Mandke

Vijay Mandke

Educational Technology

Professor Vijay V Mandke is a Founding Professor and Mentor Professor at NIIT University (NU), since June 2009. He is engaged in developing knowledge in the field of Learning Engineering. Based on it, Prof Mandke is implementing research and postgraduate level programmes in Educational Technology (ET) in specialisation streams, namely, the Teaching-Learning Process Innovation (TLPI) for Teacher Professional Development (TPD) and Business Model Innovation (BMI) for Business Transformation and Professional Development (BTPD).

Over the last 12 and a half years, Professor Mandke has implemented an industry-connect based postgraduate (PG) level two-year MTech and PhD programmes in Educational Technology (ET). He has researched, designed, developed and implemented Learning Engineering (LE) knowledge-driven and driving-programmes for working (and preservice) school and college teachers and business supervisors.

These programmes comprise integrated work-learning courses such as Principles & Practices of Learning Engineering; Introduction to Experiential Learning; Reflection and Education; Mobile Learning & Its Applications; Learning Strategically; Advances in e-Learning; Communication as Digital Choreography; Integrity Learning System, etc.

In the process, he has impacted the pedagogic innovation of Industry-linked, work-learning integrating Pedagogic Integration Mechanism (PIM), which integrates realistic business work problem solving with realistic learning problem solving, the USP of the desired performance (i.e., performance futures) delivering enactive- and vicarious engagements incorporated classroom- and laboratory-teaching, and (which) is applicable for across PG, UG and school levels, further, extending into informal learning.



Courses taught

Research areas

Consulting areas

Selected publications


Journal papers
Conference papers
Conferences papers (presented)
Case studies and monograph prepared
Book and book chapters
White papers in the area of Information Integrity
Reports/Documents supervised at BITS, Pilani on various aspects of cooperative education:
Reports/ Documents on different educational subjects prepared/supervised/participated at IGNOU


  • Preparation of Feasibility Report (in outline) as the basis for larger consultancy (with reference to New Education Policy on Education, 1986) as envisaged by the MHRD, GOI. The report was submitted to the MHRD in April 1987.
  • Worked on Systems Consultancy assignment for MHRD (February 1988 – June 1988) in following areas:
    • Content and process of education
    • Open learning and continuing education
    • Teacher improvement
    • Integrated plan of action for HRD
    • Education-Work linkage

Awards and recognition

Professional activities and achievements

Workshops attended
Project assignments
Founder membership
National Working Group participation
Organised conferences
Seminars, guest lectures, colloquium delivered/ Meetings, research workshops organised in the area of Information Integrity
  • Gave a seminar on ‘Information Integrity’ to a group of Computer Science professors from universities in Shanghai, China, 29 August 2000
  • Delivered a seminar on ‘Information Integrity’ at Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India, 8 December 2000
  • Information Integrity Research and Education (IIRE) Agenda Brainstorming Meeting held at IIT Bombay, 25 August 2001
  • Delivered a seminar at Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal on ‘Information Integrity’, 21 September 2001
  • Delivered a seminar on ‘Information Integrity – A Research Initiative’ at Management Science Dept., University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, 29 October 2001.
  • Delivered a seminar on ‘Information Integrity Initiative’ to the Gurukul Chevening Fellows at European Institute at LSE, London, 12 November 2001.
  • Delivered a seminar on ‘Analytical Framework for Information Integrity’ at IIC, Chicago, USA, 5 August 2002.
  • Delivered a guest lecture at the Stuart Graduate School of Business, IIT, Chicago on ‘Information Integrity’, 6 November 2002.
  • Guest lecture at RBI, Pune, Course for Bank Executives, September 2003.
  • Delivered a guest lecture at the Stuart Graduate School of Business, IIT, Chicago on ‘ System Engineering of’, 5 November 2003.
  • Presented two seminars at the Information Integrity Coalition Meeting held at Stuart Graduate School of Business, IIT Chicago, 6 November 2003
    • ‘Information is a product and not a by-product’
    • ‘Beyond Quality: The Information Integrity Imperative’
  • Presented a seminar on ‘Research and Education issues’ to the Design Group at the Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Bath, Bath, UK, 24 November 2003
  • Delivered at IIT Bombay Institute Colloquium on ‘Information Integrity: Research & Education issues’, 13 April 2004.
  • Organised a large number of intensive research workshops to train faculty members of institutions at Delhi, Pune, etc. for undertaking research and education, September 2002- May 2004.
  • Organised seminar presentation by Ms Reema Khurana at RBI, Pune, 19 November 2004.
  • Participated in seminar presentation by Ms Reema Khurana at P.G. Dept. of Computer Science, S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai, 20 November 2004
  • Delivered a faculty seminar on ‘Information Integrity’ at Kashibai Navale College of Engineering for Women, Sinhagad Technical Institute, Pune, 23 November 2004.
  • Delivered a faculty seminar on ‘Research & Education Issues’ at Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune, 13 December 2004.

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