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Utkarsh Raj

Dr Utkarsh Raj

Utkarsh Raj

Dr Utkarsh Raj has earned his PhD from the Department of Bioinformatics & Applied Sciences at the Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad, recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. His research, encapsulated in his thesis, focuses on the nuanced exploration of targeting epigenetic regulators for cancer therapy. His methodologies involve a judicious blend of NGS data analysis, systems biology, and structural bioinformatics approaches.

Dr Raj has previously held significant roles at various institutions of repute across the country. In these capacities, he has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to academic and research excellence. Notably, his contributions extend beyond the confines of the classroom, as reflected in his substantial body of research work. With over 50 publications in Scopus /Web of Science/ Peer-reviewed journals and conferences, Dr Raj’s research impact is underscored by a Google Scholar h-index of 16 and 900+ citations to date. He has actively participated as a reviewer for esteemed peer-reviewed journals of Nature Publications, Taylor & Francis, IEEE, ACM, Springer, and Elsevier, thus significantly contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Dr Raj’s research journey traverses diverse realms, encompassing protein motif discovery, gene expression meta-analysis, network biology, AI-driven drug discovery, and high-throughput sequencing data analysis. His proficiency in NGS data analysis, structural bioinformatics, computer-aided drug discovery, and database/tool development is accentuated by certifications from IBM and the Google Digital Academy.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr Utkarsh Raj was honored with the designation of a Life Member of the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) in 2021, a testament to his acknowledged standing in the scientific community. His multifaceted expertise and contributions reflect a comprehensive and impactful approach to bioinformatics, making significant strides in the realms of healthcare and drug discovery.




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