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Aasha Ka Dwar releases its first song dedicated to animal lovers

The Coronavirus pandemic has not deterred NUtons from pursuing their work – be it academics or clubs or anything else. Team Aasha Ka Dwar has put together its first song dedicated to all animal lovers of the world. Do listen in at

The Instagram link is at

The song is dedicated to all the animal lovers who step out for the voiceless and feed them and always support them no matter what is happening including the difficult times brought in by Covid-19 pandemic that demands physical distancing.

Song – kuch asli haqdar
Produced and mixed by – Aasha ka Dwar
Singer – Karan Patel
Lyricist – Aasha ka Dwar
Video made by- Aasha ka dwar

Hein kai ankahin dastan
Chupe huye,gharon mein
Dopeher ke dhoop mein jo dikhe
Shaam ke andhere mein jo khile
Maasumon ke jaan ke peheredar
Insaniyat ke wahi kuch asli haqdar

Bhookh ka dard jo samjhe
Dusron ke pet ka farz hein rakhte
Raat ke kapkapate thand mein
Besaharon ke siskiyon ka dhyan jo rakhte
Wahi kuch log
Aur wahi kuch dosti
Do insaano ke beech kabhi
Kabhi zinda dilon ke beech ki kashti

Let’s stay connected this dedicated bunch of NUtons who are inspiring us with their dedication to their cause even during such trying times!

Aasha Ka Dwar’s motto & message:

Lets do something human for the non humans

Kuch shabad ….
Ye th unke naam , jo sirf insaan nahi
Insaaniyat ke asli haqdaar hai
In masoom janwaro ke sath hai .
Bhare pet un besahaaro ka
Jinke paas na hi chhat hai
Na hi koi apna ,
Aur bhatakte hai idhar se udhar
Taaki mil jaye koi apna
Kar rahe na koi ehsaan hai
Ye to bass ek punya ka kaam hai
Iss mushkil ghadhi mein jo de inka sath
Wo kamjor nahi
Kar raha mahaan kaam hai 

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