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Republic Day-2023

Celebrating Republic Day 2023: Fostering Tolerance, Peace, and Communal Harmony

Date : January 26th 2023
Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Venue: Central Bowl

India’s diverse and pluralistic society derives strength from its core values of tolerance, peace, and communal harmony. As we gather to celebrate Republic Day at NIIT University (NU), we embrace these values that define our identity while showcasing our talents. The flag hoisting ceremony at Central Bowl holds a central position in our celebrations, symbolizing national pride, unity, and a solemn tribute to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. This ceremony fosters patriotism and reverence among all members of NU.  

Launch of ‘viNUmr’ by Air Commondore Kamal Singh

NU is a strong proponent of respectful communication.  Respectful communication is the oil that reduces friction that not only smoothens but also prevents most relationship problems.  To sensitize students and enable them to practice it in their day-to-day dealings with fellow human beings, NU launched its long-term campaign ‘viNUmr’. The campaign was spearheaded by Air Commodore Kamal Singh-AVSM (Retd.) and marks beginning of no-abuse by the university with students pledging to follow it.

Fostering Tolerance, Peace, and Communal Harmony

Tolerance is a fundamental value that every Indian citizen should embrace. Through the elocution and debating club, students, represented by Khushi Sharma and Prakrati Grover, delivered speeches conveying diverse viewpoints, fostering critical thinking, and promoting dialogue on national issues. These discussions exemplify tolerance by encouraging respectful listening and countering opposing views peacefully, building bridges of understanding and compromise.

Peace is a value nurtured at NU. The Music Club, led by Ayaan Ali and Aryan Apte, got students to showcase their singing talents, uniting the audience with melodious renditions of patriotic songs. Through peaceful coexistence, cooperation, and mutual assistance, students promote a harmonious environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can thrive and progress together.

Communal harmony, a cherished goal of our Constitution, was celebrated through skit performances led by Sreejita Mukherjee and Rangmanch NU. Students depicted significant events from Indian history, paying tribute to great leaders and shedding light on societal issues. These performances educate and entertain, fostering unity and reducing conflicts rooted in communalism, casteism, linguism, and regionalism.

Celebrating India’s Cultural Heritage on Republic Day at NU

Republic Day celebrations at NU go beyond showcasing talent. Dance performances organized by Sakshee Vinay Maharaj and Mohammad Aman Kaif from the Dance Club brought alive the spirit of India’s cultural heritage, captivating the audience with vibrant expressions. Additionally, NU encourages students to contribute impactful ideas, such as art exhibitions, poetry recitations, sports events, or community service initiatives, fostering patriotism, unity, and social responsibility.

Revisiting Organic Farming on Republic Day

NU students, staff and faculty planted fruit trees such as guava and pomegranate to mark the Republic Day. Organic farming is an on-going initiative at NU led by Prof. Gurendra Nath Bharadwaj and looks it from both environmental and economic perspectives involving students from all streams – CSE, ECE, BT, MBA, etc.

Inspiring posts by NU Alumni

NU Alumni were reached out to and encouraged to post on the Alumni portal about their thoughts and reminiscences of the Republic Day celebrations. By actively engaging students and encouraging their participation, NU aims to strengthen alumni bonds and build a strong and engaged NU alumni community.

Recommitting to Fundamental Duties on Republic Day

Republic Day at NU not only provides a platform for students to showcase their talents but also embodies the values enshrined in our Constitution. NUtons and NUtrurers, the vibrant members of the NU community, are encouraged to revisit the Fundamental Duties enshrined in the Constitution of India. These duties serve as guiding principles for responsible citizenship and the collective progress of our nation. As we celebrate Republic Day, we recognize the significance of upholding these duties and integrating them into our daily lives.

To promote knowledge and awareness, Dr. Deepak Khanna conducts a quiz on Indian history, culture, and constitutional principles, encouraging healthy competition, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the Constitution.

Acknowledging Support Staff

On every Republic Day, NU acknowledges the invaluable contributions of its support staff. Their hard work and dedication play a vital role in maintaining a conducive learning environment for students and ensuring the smooth functioning of the university.

Summing Up Republic Day Celebrations

As we celebrate Republic Day at NIIT University, we recognize the importance of fostering values like tolerance, peace, and communal harmony. Through vibrant performances, spirited discussions, and creative initiatives, NUtons and NUtures exemplify these values, contributing to a prosperous and harmonious society. Let us cherish the connection between celebrating Republic Day and nurturing these values, working together towards a brighter future where unity and diversity coexist in perfect harmony.

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