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The Metamorphosis of Education

Participate in a series of unresolved mysteries about the system of education we have today

The Speaker

TED Project Prize Winner 2013 Prof. Sugata Mitra is best known for his Hole in The Wall experiment (HIW). Currently Professor Emeritus at NIIT University, he retired as Professor of Education Technology at Newcastle University, UK (2019), and visiting professor at MIT Media Lab, USA (2012).
Prof. Mabel Quiroga
The Challenger
Director and Founder of SOLE, Argentina
Prof. Mabel Quiroga is a teacher trainer and education innovator with 30+ years of experience in the field of language teaching and technology. Her aim is to further and advance 21st Century skills amongst primary and secondary students and teachers through SOLE methodology.
The Metamorphosis of Education
The Moderator

President (Vice-Chancellor), NIIT University
Dr.Prabhu Aggarwal has close to 30 years of experience in both academia and industry.
He has held various senior level positions, including Assistant Dean at College of William and Mary, Virginia, and Chief Learning officer for the JSPL group companies.

prabhu aggarwal
Educatomic Presents
The Metamorphosis Of Education

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