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Theatre Workshop by Shilpa Marwaha

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Event Date & Time: Monday 8th March, 7:30 pm IST
Event Venue: Online via Zoom

NIIT University’s main aim is to foster and assimilate the progress and advancements of women in all disciplines. NIIT University International Women’s Day aims at recognizing and putting forward the idea of a realm where men and women are the sides of the same coin, not ‘same’ but ‘equals’. The webinar is an opportunity to celebrate ‘Women Day’ by getting together a few women from different walks of life sharing their journey.


Our Panelists

Prof. Parimal Mandke
Prof Parimal Mandke
kathy ho
Ms. Kathy Ho
Ms. Corina Sujdea
Ms. Corina Sujdea
Ms. Pallavi Sharma
Ms. Pallavi Sharma
Ms. Priyanka Roy Chowdhary
Ms. Priyanka Roy Chowdhary
Prof Mabel Quiroga
Prof Mabel Quiroga

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8th March, 7:30 pm IST

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We at NIIT University consider ‘women’ as the bearer of leadership responsibility. We strongly believe in nurturing equality by recognizing women’s outstanding achievements in various fields, thus organizing conferences to enhance networking, advocating women in leadership roles in governance, etc. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to change the twenty-first century by addressing key challenges such as poverty

“WOMEN-WINGS OF CHANGE” specifically aims on analyzing the utility and how inspiring a woman, a girl is and how she is in no way inferior to the man.

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