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How one small step by Prasad Wale gave him a strong foothold in the GIS Industry

July 17, 2020

One decision, a split second, can change the course of your destiny. It might sound like a line straight out of some matchmaker portal or jewelry line ad campaign, but some of us get to experience it firsthand. If Prasad Wale, student of NIIT University hadn’t decided to research about GISKernel Technologies LLP and send in his resume, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to intern with one of the most dynamic startups in the country today. We talk to him about his drive in that life changing moment and how that decision has influenced him since.

Established in 2018, the Pune based company is a Geographic Information System consulting firm that has top rung public and private sector clients including Fortune 500 companies. For Prasad, pursuing his MTech in GIS, it clearly offered the perfect launchpad and window into the industry. "I have to say, our CIC representative played a crucial role in helping me choose my IP. Their turnaround times are incredible. Interestingly, when I sent my resume to the company, I immediately got a call and was sent the interview schedule," he says, still feeling incredulous.

It was that one small step he took that got Prasad a foothold into the dynamic world of GIS. After his swift selection through an interview, he got placed with the company as a GIS Developer. He is quick to remind us that this Industry Practice has more significance for him because, "I am not from a core Computer Science background but being a developer gives you an opportunity to deal with new tasks and challenges every day. This Industry Practice stint has made me familiar with these challenges and now I feel more confident about handling them," he adds.

Prasad is grateful that during his Industry Practice he is being given enough time to learn. Guidance is always around thanks to his mentor and professionals he is working with. For him, the most important lesson has been to understand the value of taking on responsibilities to prove oneself. "Even though I am doing my IP I am being treated as an employee of the organization. It makes me feel worthy as I am delivering on the responsibilities that are being given to me. I see the IP as an important milestone in my professional path," he concludes with newfound.

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