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Industry Practice in Cybersecurity with EY- Shivank Pahwa talks of the outstanding opportunity

June 18, 2020
Global cybersecurity market size which was valued at around $100 billion in 2017 is expected to reach a staggering $250 billion by 2025. It’s a sector with immense potential and opportunity to grow. NIIT University student Shivank Pahwa is certainly realizing it through his Industry Practice in Risk Advisory: Cybersecurity department of a global powerhouse like Ernst And Young. He talks about the unique challenges in the sector, the preparation that has gone into his day to day performance and the influence it can have on him as a future professional.

Cyber Security is still considered to be a niche and highly sensitive area. So the BTech Computer Science and Engineering student had to go through a stringent selection process to make the cut. Shivank tells us that the pre-placement talk was followed by a Group Discussion session that lasted close to 45 minutes. “There were three interviews; partner interview, technical, and HR interview that lasted about 45 minutes each. EY was completely thorough in their selection process, keen on choosing candidates that were the right fit for their organization,” he adds.

Getting picked for the high profile role is an achievement but proving yourself in the niche domain can be a daunting task. Did Shivank feel the pressure? He admits that though college and industry projects had helped him prepare, things were turned up a few notches during the internship. “Everything changes as soon as you are a part of the industry. Every organization has its own rules and things become more professional. Luckily, we were offered mandatory training apart from the induction during the first week of my industry practice,” he reveals.

Shivank also went through various counselling sessions that explained the projects and their critical importance. He was allocated a client assignment with two tracks; GRC: Audit and Compliance and SRI followed by whole operations part in the project. “I have gained so much technical and industry exposure in these tracks and telecom sector. I see a lot of growth in myself as I have developed professional and personal skills to deal with different situations and clients,” he says filled with confidence.

He understands that this Industry Practice could be his ticket to the big league in the dynamic world of Cyber Security. As Shivank thrives on the challenges he remembers the contributions of CIC representatives at NIIT University, who made the Industry Practice stint possible. He offers insight on the CIC process as he says, “Before the semester ends we receive an aspiration form and based on that we get a tentative list of dates and organizations. We send our preferences and get detailed job profiles well before the process begins. We have all the support through the selection and after. It’s a completely streamlined process that has pushed me ahead in the right direction.”
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