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Industry Practice with XSEED Education exceeds Yogesh Sharma's expectations and how

June 18, 2020
Yogesh Sharma, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) student of NIIT University had an unwavering interest in Software Development. So when the time came to pick his Industry Practice, the decision was a no-brainer. Guided by the CIC representatives he chose to intern with XSEED Education in Chennai as a Software Developer Intern. “I am working with the CTC team where all the development happens. This industry practice is perfectly aligned with my interests and goals, and there is a lot I am learning on the field,” he says.

Headquartered in Singapore, XSEED is an education company, known for its research-based academic method of teaching and learning. It’s not surprising to know that the organization has a concrete learning plan for its interns too, which Yogesh is benefiting from greatly. “The organization helps you complete your goals. Once you set your short term goals in learning, you have a one on one session with the project manager. The goal is also monitored with one-on-one meetings every month. I am also given paid learning materials to enhance my skills,” he adds.

Yogesh’s is a paid internship as well where he receives a stipend of Rs. 22,000. But it’s the hands-on experience plus the liberty to learn and update skills is what makes it a win-win situation. Talking about how he landed the internship and his role with the company he says, “I was given a task to complete after which I had technical interviews with senior developers and manager of the CTC team. My role is specifically of full stack developer where I have to take part in sprints like their full-term employees and need to complete the tickets assigned to me.”

He informs us that during the internship he has worked on Front-end (VUE), Back-end (NODE with Mongo/SQL, UI (VUITIFY / ELEMENT UI) as well as Mobile (FLUTTER). Yogesh’s goal is to increase his productivity and become an asset to the company while learning things for his own professional gains too. “I got to learn new things like Flutter and now I am asked to gain mastery on vue, node and flutter, which is my primary goal. I started my IP with high energy and I keep that energy till date so I keep learning every day,” he says enthusiastically.

Yogesh has his strategy and spirit for the internship spot on. And that’s taking him through some of the challenging situations he has encountered too. He mentions one particular instance when he was developing a POC for sending data to flutter via VUE without using any server. “I have found that every day brings something new and challenges me. But I am eager to learn from these opportunities, and my seniors, who have been very helpful. The combination of learning and proving myself alongside is what makes this internship special,” he concludes thoughtfully.
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