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NIIT University moves towards Online Admission Interactions to avoid disruptions during Covid-19

March 24, 2020

NIIT University (NU) is currently conducting its Admissions Interaction Process (AIP) online. This process involves engaging with the applicant and parents to communicate the University’s programme’s and positioning and to know their aspirations better. Given the Covid-19 situation, this interaction process has been enabled for students and their parents to be undertaken from the security of their homes.

During the process, faculty from NU interacts with students to assess the following-:

  • Curiosity
  • Critical thinking
  • Out-of-box thinking
  • Open-ended problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Collaborative skills or teamwork
  • Mutual Compatibility:

What AIP is not?

  • AIP is not a one-way interview process of the applicant
  • AIP is not based only on the academic performance in Board exams.
  • AIP is not “counseling” as the term is commonly used and understood in the larger system of higher education
  • AIP is not to test the subject knowledge of the applicant, already tested in the Board and other Entrance Examinations

The AIP gives adequate opportunity to both students and parents to know directly from the NU Leadership Team each and every detail about Programmes, Campus life and any other aspect which may be relevant to their decision making about a prospective Institution.

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