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NIIT University through the eyes of alumni Gnana Harsha Paruchuri

January 25, 2020

My name is Gnana Harsha Paruchuri and I am from NIIT University’s (NU) Class of 2020, BTech CSE (Computer Science & Engineering), and now that I look at my time at NU, I realise how the years spent at the university has been one of the most formative phases of my life.

This phase helped shape my future direction as a professional and aided my choice of career. Inspired by the world of academia, after graduation I opted to work as a Foreign Language Intern. I am involved in teaching Math – English and Science – English. Besides this, I am also involved in the development of the [name of school]’s online learning platform. This is especially challenging and interesting in the current context of the pandemic and as education moves increasingly online.

Besides all the academic knowledge, there was tremendous all-round growth in my time here. My communication skills, adaptability, willingness to accept change, and my ability to collaborate dynamically with people I had just met, all grew tremendously here. These are universal skill sets that have helped me tremendously as a professional after I left university. NU also taught me to be responsible on both time and money. I utilised my first internship stipend to pursue skills that would help me in my career and my first salary went towards purchasing health insurance.

In terms of such holistic development, NU and some other Indian universities are doing a great service to students, especially compared to school education. These universities act as inspiration for school boards, which have static curriculum followed for decades and little influence from outside India. In fact, I am looking forward to the day when universities like NU are an inspiration for global universities.

I still keep in touch with NU and my campus friends through social media and it is always thrilling to relive memories of my time there. I wish all the current students all the very best and my only advice to them would be to maximise learning through practical experiences and to never do something for free when you are good at it.

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