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Anurag Porel

NIIT University's Anurag Porel tells JEE-MAIN candidates this year, what it 'techs' to choose the University of their Dreams

September 17, 2020
Anurag Porel

"Don’t run after the top most institutes, because it might not be the best for you. At the end of the day, the University and you have to work together towards your success," Anurag Porel offers sound advice to engineering aspirants who have cleared their JEE-MAIN with flying colors. It’s time to make your hard work count. Anurag was in your shoes last year and scored 96.74 percentile. He looks back on that crucial juncture in his life, what was going through his mind, and tells us why he chose to pursue B. Tech (CSE) at NIIT University.

Anurag remembers that his preparations for JEE-MAIN were nothing short of a hectic race. Candidates from this year’s exams will concur. You have preserved and put in years of effort to get the results. Now you should be able to cash in by picking the best University to take you to your career goals. "I’d say first choose the stream you are interested in. For me, it was Computer Science Engineering. I got selected for CSE programs in a couple of universities and a Biotechnology program in one. But I figured that NIIT U was the right fit for me," he says.

Anurag arrived at the decision by doing a comparative study between the Universities and the programs they offered. He reveals that unique curriculum and education process, research and industry practice facilities were the factors that tilted the balance in NIIT University’s favour for him. "NIIT Ltd. is the pioneer for computer education in India. The University is completely CSE centric and has created a seamless environment for learning. The curriculum is the best in the industry because it transforms you into a global professional," he adds thoughtfully.

Given the gravity of the decision, Anurag didn’t just rely on his own fact-finding. He spoke to IT professionals in his family and seniors from the University. Each time he got a glowing review, which helped him make up his mind. And now, one year into the program, he is convinced he made the right decision. "The learning process is very unique; the focus is on research-based learning and the projects are based on real life problems. It helps you put your theoretical learning into practice while understanding the impact in the real world," he claims.

For Anurag, another standout experience at NIIT University has been the opportunity to participate in National and International level competitions and projects. He asserts that he gets constant encouragement from his faculty members, who put in their best efforts depending on every student’s learning ability. "This personalized training brings out the best in us. In 3rd Semester we take up a Capstone Project / R&D Project. There are many specializations to help you find your interest and become an expert in the field," he says looking ahead, as he is well on his way being one himself.

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