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Pisupati V N S S K Chaitanya has his eyes set on pre-placement offer as he shines during his Industry Practice

May 12, 2020
Pisupati Chaitanya
Industry Practices offered by NIIT University are not just an opportunity to test your skills in real life professional environment but to also understand different industry roles that help you make your future career choices. Pisupati V N S S K Chaitanya of NIIT University, who is currently interning with the Software Developing team of Virgo Innovations Private Limited, has come across another unique and interesting career profile. As proof of concept provider, the Software Developer Intern is understanding a new dynamic of the industry he is interested in and reveling in the opportunity.

For South India boy Pisupati it has been quite a journey so far. The ascent began as he headed up North to pursue his BTech Computer Science and Engineering from NIIT U. He admits that the solid foundation that was built there has prepared him for the internship in Pune. “The CIC representative started sending us company names that were offering IPs according to our preferences from the 7th semester. They also helped me prepare for the selection process, which is why I was able to give it my best shot,” he says rewinding the clock.

The selection process that Pisupati talks about included an Aptitude Test. Virgo Innovations Private Limited followed it up with MCQs on programming skills and the final interview. He tells us that it was a given that he would be prepared for the challenging process. “NIIT U had incorporated several projects in the curriculum, which readied us for the Industry Practice. Being Software Developers we need to know different front and backend coding skills along with database connectivity, which is the foundation for the internship too,” he explains.

Pisupati is relying on these skills to efficiently handle the projects given to him by the company. There are several tricky moments including frequent bugs in the code, but these tasks encourage him to improvise and think out of the box. “Many things that I learned at our University, I am actually seeing them around me during this Industry Practice now. I get to be creative like I have been during our research and development project at NIIT U. Since it’s a paid internship we get treated as employees six months before our graduation,” he says proudly.

For Pisupati the end goal is to gain experience on handling real world projects before pre-placement offers. And given his performance so far, he is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.
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