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Pranit makes his Industry Practice with AI-ML startup Mate Labs count and bags a pre-placement offer

Sep 08, 2021

Industry Practice with a startup can be an exhilarating experience as students get an opportunity to work on edgy, exciting projects and explore the latest technologies to the fullest. And when the startup is built around the philosophy of democratising Machine Learning, that experience is scaled up to a whole new level. Pranit narrates his industry practice experience with Mate Labs, a startup based in Bangalore and how it led to a pre-placement offer.

The Class of 2022 student at NIIT University (NU) considers himself lucky to have learned of the opening through the Centre for Industry Collaboration (CIC). Pranit asserts that he also received immense support from the CIC, which helped him during the selection process. “It was an incredible learning opportunity working in a startup space, filled with excitement and enthralling projects under the fantastic mentorship of the CTO at Mate Labs,” he comments enthusiastically.

At Mate Labs, Pranit was part of the Raven Protocol team working on building a distributed and decentralised deep learning framework. Being on a team as early contributors to impactful projects is dream come true for students. While it has its challenges, it can also be a hugely rewarding experience. “It helped me widen my understanding of decentralisation computing as well as gain a perspective on its impact in the deep learning space in the future,” he says.

It was one of a kind opportunity and Pranit was going to make it count. According to him, the skills he had gained at NU  helped him give it his best shot. It clearly impressed his employers as he received the coveted pre-placement offer during his industry practice. “My role got converted into full time Machine Learning Engineer at Raven Protocol. I am grateful to NU not only for the opportunity but preparing me for it and my career too,” he concludes.

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