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Gehna Auja

Presenting a free-wheeling conversation with Gehna Ahuja around her Industry Practice with Genpact

May 12, 2020
Gehna Auja
“Interns often get to work on projects that are already done. But at Genpact I am working on a very interesting project that no one has done at the organization before. It is their recent work and a lot of research is going on in the field,” says Gehna Ahuja about her Industry Practice with the global brand known for digital transformation and data solutions services. The Computer Science and Engineering student of NIIT University tells us why she was keen on interning with Genpact and how it could be a career defining point for her.

When Gehna heard about Genpact’s presence in the pool of companies for industry practice, she had her eyes set on it because of her interest in the field of Data Science. Now that she has been placed in the Digital Department, which does all NLP, Dig Data, Data Science and AI work, she knows her efforts and patience paid off. “I’d say the patience of my CIC representative helped. You know, we hadn’t heard back from Genpact for over a month and I would keep going back to CIC for answers. They were really patient and helpful, offering sound advice,” she remembers.

To begin with, the selection process for Genpact was fairly simple as the company focused on candidates’ resumes. Gehna informs that students who did well in the college and created good projects were chosen. “But it was a long wait and by then I had applied for another company. I had a long chat with CIC representative, who asked me if Genpact was the company I really wanted to work with. The answer was a resounding yes for me. They assured me that if I get through the other company and later hear from Genpact, they would let me choose,” she reveals.

Gehna has been offered a stipend of Rs. 12,000 for her internship that has taken her to Hyderbad. But she knows that it’s the real life experiences she is getting on the projects that will take her places in her career. “I am supposed to be doing something that contributes to their digital team. I am working on a project, which the company will be able to use for client projects when it is complete. It will help their clients gain more confidence in their project. But it also gives me confidence in my abilities that I can deliver in a professional environment,” she adds.

Working with an expert team of professionals, brainstorming ideas, and helping each other out with tasks, Gehna is also learning a lot about teamwork during her project. And that’s the true essence of Industry Practice, and will be the recipe for her professional success in the future.
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