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Shardul Thakare

Shardul Thakare tells us what makes his industry practice with BBDaily stand out from the rest

May 31, 2021
Shardul Thakare

For all engineering students, industry practice is one way of figuring out their strengths, interests and understanding roles they are cut out for. As NIIT University (NU) student Shardul Thakare interned with BBDaily (Big Basket) app, he realised that he preferred to work in a commercial environment rather than one that is research oriented. “I love the office atmosphere and the responsibilities that come with it,” he says excitedly as he recounts the experience that has taken him a step closer to his professional goals.

The BTech CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) student from the Class of 2021, is grateful not only because he had several options for his industry practice but also since his university’s CIC made the decision easier for him. Shardul remembers, “My CIC representative helped me understand what the industry practice entails, what would be required from me and what I would gain from the experience. I could also have my doubts regarding the resume and selection cleared.” Well-prepared, he aced the selection process that included online coding and aptitude test.

Going into his industry practice Shardul felt confident about delivering on his responsibilities. His role involved working on backend operations for BBDaily app, which turned out to be a comprehensive learning experience. “I gained knowledge about how a huge interconnected codebase works and how to navigate through that. One of the big moments for me was troubleshooting the dev server when I had to solve a multitude of problems in a single day,” he remembers the rush of the moment and the high of completing the task.

During his industry practice, Shardul encountered a few such problems that he hadn’t come across before. But he knew that finding his way through them meant taking his next steps towards his professional goals. “There were times when I felt I didn’t know something about a certain topic, but my industry mentors were quick to fill me in and guide me through it. The level of feedback and mentorship I received from the Big Basket team is what made my industry practice stand out from other internships,” he adds confidently.

And with this experience now in his basket, Shardul is ready to make a big splash as an industry professional.

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