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Tavva G N R S N Prudhvith unravels the code to become a successful Data Scientist during his Industry Practice with Genpact

June 18, 2020
“Theoretical knowledge is not enough to succeed in the world of data science. You need to constantly practice with real-time problems to become a successful data scientist,” claims Tavva G N R S N Prudhvith, student of NIIT University. As he interns with Genpact as Data Science and Insights Intern, he is well on his way to becoming one himself. He tells us why the word “data” in data science is crucial, and why many professionals in the field fail when they overlook the vital step of collecting the required information and generating the data.

Three months into his industry practice, Tavva already speaks like a seasoned professional. The Computer Science and Engineering student reveals that the selection process for the global giant seemed simple but was well thought out. “The selection happened through CV shortlisting. Anyone from engineering stream with a keen interest in Data Science could apply. You could be self-taught but need to have an interest in discovery, insights and innovation using mathematics and statistics by exploring large datasets in novel ways to solve business problems,” he adds.

As a result, students with the best combination of skills and interests were picked for Industry Practice. Tavva believes it ensures that interns stay motivated and deliver on the responsibilities to the best of their abilities. “I have been given the task to work on data-generation techniques for a client project, scheduling problems. There have been tricky moments revolving around integrating the bits and pieces of the code I have written until then, debugging, optimizing the code. But my supervisor and mentor constantly pushed me to improve,” he recollects.

Interestingly, Tavva had several internship offers but after receiving guidance from CIC representatives of his university, he chose Genpact. While he is getting a monthly stipend of Rs. 12,000, his industry practice is rewarding him in many ways. He lists the reasons: ”

  • An automated code I provided is used in the client project, which has boosted my confidence.
  • It has helped me understand the importance of networking. You have to unglue yourself from your desk and interact with other interns. You make good memories and friends. If you are invited to work functions, make sure you introduce yourself.
  • You have to try to leave your internship with new connections: senior employees, clients, fellow interns. It’s a network that will be handy in my long term career.
  • I have learned not to take any comments from colleagues and bosses personally. It’s given me a huge insight into a professional work environment.
  • I have also realized that no task is small or unimportant. If you have a strong work ethic to any assignment, you will get noticed for your work,” he claims.

The Industry practice has further cemented his interested in Data Science. Tavva has had the opportunity to be right in the middle of the action with a big organization and he wants to carry that momentum into his career. “The term ‘data’ in Data Science is very crucial, so collecting the required information and generating the data is an integral part of the process. This is where most of the data scientists fail to make an impression with improved results. I understand there are issues but they can be surmounted with practice,” he says. And that’s something he has gained in good measure during his IP.
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