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Chai, long walks, and a whole lot of fun!

Tring-tring goes the alarm, sharp at 7:00a.m.!

I wake up with the view of the beautiful Aravali range which seem to stand sentinel right outside my window. I start my day by vibing with nature around me by going for a pleasant walk in the hills. I then have my morning coffee with my friends, before setting off for my classes.

I usually have lectures scheduled between 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Whenever I get breaks between lectures, I complete my assignments or sit in my favourite place – Humare NU ki shaan, sabse shant, humari jaan – humari library! I spend my afternoon engaging in various activities – Rangmanch, the theatre club; or Kavishala, the poetry club, which is where I picked up an interest in poetry for the first time; the robotics club, or the dance club.

Some days, my time is spent organising siNUsoid, our annual tech fest, or IngeNUity, our cultural fest.

I am also a teaching assistant in the field of educational technology, where I spend my hours working on research projects. This helps me occasionally move away from theory and focus on some application-based learning projects.

We celebrate the birthdays of our friends or have fun celebrations at the cafeteria – HOD. Coffee and Maggi sessions are held at our Nescafé counter, and when our cravings are still not satiated, we move to ‘Tera Mera Point’, our student-run late-night café.

Then comes my favourite time of the day – evening gup-shups with chai and long walks on campus. I also try to squeeze in a game of basketball or badminton with my team.

The rest of the day is reserved for studies. In my first year here, I remember stepping in for various internships and ambassador programmes which I used to work on during the evenings, post classes!

In general, student life here is dynamic and busy! Being able to balance the sea-saw of my academics and co-curricular activities is the source of utmost satisfaction for me here at NU.

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