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In lieu of a healthy body and a healthy mind

Every day starts with me opening one eye and turning off the alarm clock at 7:00a.m., and eventually waking up at 9:00a.m. just an hour before class!

My day tends to start on an empty stomach as I end up skipping breakfast. On most days, as soon as I get to class, I realise I haven’t had my cup of tea and wait for a break when I can lay my hands on a hot cup of chai…or coffee!

As soon as the clock strikes one, I rush into the Mess. The Mess food is awesome, and so is the staff who help us by serving us tasty food. After I am done eating, it’s time for a quick cup of tea to rejuvenate my tired body, followed by a quick nap. Classes end at 3:00p.m. or max, at 5:00p.m.; I head back to the hostel after chatting with my fellow batch mates and grabbing yet another cup of tea or coffee from the Nescafé stall.

The evening starts with snacks provided by the Mess which has several items of interest to me, leading me to never skip the meal. I then run laps on the campus for some time to make sure I keep myself fit! Finally, I go to bed at midnight after having a light dinner in the mess and then going through the daily subjects taught to us in class so that I am up to date.

This is how I spend my day on NU campus – hustling around to get a better education with a healthy body, mind and soul.
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