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Making the most of college life – here and now

If I were being very honest about my daily schedule, I tend to wake up 15 minutes before the class (no cap). To ensure that I wake up successfully, I have to leave the door of my room open all the time, so that my friends can bring down an earthquake that will be enough to stop the flow of my sweet, sweet dreams! Because, to get up on my own, I need a loudspeaker-like alarm alright!

With a very heavy heart, I break-up with my cosy bed and run to class, clumsily, with my hands full of goods that I grab at the last minute (for example, phone, charger, keys, some chocolates to eat during the class…). During the hour-long sessions, we have 5-10-minute breaks in between. This time is wisely utilised by me. While the initial two minutes are spent checking whether there are any parcels in my name at the reception counter, the rest of the time is reserved for grabbing some coffee and quick bites from our very favourite Nescafé counter.

As soon as the clock strikes one, I transform into Cinderella and rush to the mess for lunch!

At 5:00p.m. every day, I go back to my room to enjoy some quality me-time. After successfully wasting two hours, I take a quick bath. I’m so grateful to the university for providing extremely soothing hot water in the evening as well since it helps us late risers take a much needed shower.

I then make it a point to pray to the small Ganesh murti in my room, so that I can get some sadbuddhi in return, as my elders would say. Like an obedient child, I follow the mess timings and reach the mess to have my tasty dinner.

Then comes my most favourite routine – feeding my four-legged pawsome friends on campus: Husky, Ringo, Browny, Daisy and her three pups. This is a parallel activity as I take a brief walk on the campus along with my squad, to burn some of the calories we consume during the day. Half-heartedly, I come back to the room at 10.30pm. Then, I call my mother and chat with her for a while, and gather all the important information she has about home. This is followed by chipmunking the video lectures so that I can revise the things that I might have missed.

I call it a day with some light music and a new stack of memories added. They have a saying in Punjabi: “College de gate di is taraf hum life ko nachaate hain, tey dujji taraf life humko nachaati hain.”

So, I try to enjoy every second on the campus before going out forever beyond the college gates.

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