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“If you have self-belief, courage, and initiative, you can aim high and achieve your goals”

Chaganti Sai Yeshwanth
Sai Yeshwanth Chaganti, Class of 2018, had a plan when he enrolled for a BTech in Electronics and Communications Engineering at NIIT University (NU). He decided to not just focus on the curriculum but also make the most of the learning experiences provided by the university by participating in diverse activities. Over his four years in college, he held various positions and excelled in his roles as Robotics Coordinator and Learning Technologies Teaching Assistant and also participated in various tech competitions.

More importantly, NU provided a stepping-stone into the world of research for Sai, inspiring him to study further after a brief stint in industry. He admits that he was lucky to receive the support of two renowned faculty members from the Electronics department, who have been a constant in his life. “Having four research publications and working as a teaching assistant at a young age required a lot of dedication and consistency. There were challenges as well but it also paved the way for my success in the UK,” he says.

After graduating from NU, Sai went on to work as a quality assurance manager with Irdeto, a global leader in digital platform cybersecurity. Prepared for the challenges of the workplace by the training and internships provided by NU, Sai rose to the occasion. He so impressed his employers with his performance that they supported his decision to study further abroad.

“I think planning future scenarios is important at every stage of your career. So after my two-year stint with Irdeto, during which I built my career, I just believed in myself and decided to pursue my passion for higher studies,” he says.

Sai knew he could build on the foundation laid by NU and experience provided by Irdeto by applying for an MBA at the prestigious University of Glasgow in the UK.

He says: “I am working as a teaching assistant in the Electrical and Electronics department along with my management studies in order to realise my full potential and capabilities. If you have self-belief, courage, and initiative, you can aim high and achieve your goals.”
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