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“Joining NIIT University was the best decision for my career”

B Tech Computer Science - Vivek Kamma
Vivek Kamma, Class of 2021 (BTech Computer Science and Engineering), received two plum job offers: a pre-placement offer from Ernst & Young, where he did his Industry Practice and another plum offer from Quantiphi Analytics. However, Vivek eschewed them in favour of a master’s degree in Computer Science at Texas State University. It was a stunning decision.

“I remember the day I accepted my admission at NIIT University (NU). At the time, like all students, I was unsure if I was making the right choice. But today, I can say that it was the best decision I could have taken for my career,” says Vivek, confidently. He certainly has come a long way from his initial days of uncertainty.

That’s because of the invaluable experience he gained during his undergraduate programme. He not only worked on various projects that were integral to the curriculum every semester but also gained crucial practical exposure through internships and in his role as a student mentor.

“Working on those projects helped me gain a plethora of skills along with exposure to the latest technologies. The Centre for Industry Collaboration’s continuous efforts helped me through the application process for Industry Practice and placement interviews on campus,” he says.

As a result, he bagged an Industry Practice placement as technology consultant with a Big Four consultancy like Ernst & Young. Impressed by his skills, the company made him a pre-placement offer. “I also received a placement offer with Quantiphi Analytics. But I have chosen to do my graduate degree in Computer Science at Texas State University, where I also work as a graduate research assistant.”

Naturally, refusing such exciting placement offers to study further was not an easy decision. But Vivek believes in his training at NU and is willing to take a chance to achieve his career dreams. “NIIT University built me a strong platform, which made me confident enough to take this decision,” he says.

Says Vivek: “I have not just received a top-notch education at the university, but I also carry a lifetime of memories with me. I am sad that I couldn’t spend my last semester on campus, but I have made friends, who, just like my training, will be with me for the rest of my life.”
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