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How NU helped Neeharika Gupta find her passion and calling in AI


For Neeharika Gupta, B Tech DS (Data Science), clarity of thought has never been a challenge. In fact, she says she’s almost always known what she wanted to do in life. “I am the kind of person who is determined about what I want and have always steered ahead with a clear vision to realise my goals,” she says.

Enrolling at NIIT University (NU) in August 2017, Neeharika began to explore her options and soon discovered her interest in Data Science. Choosing this area as her specialisation in her third year at NU, she soon found artificial intelligence (AI) to be her calling while working on her R&D project.

Her passion for both these subjects led her to pursue a research-based Industry Practice in AI at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) at Dehradun under the government’s Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). This involved fusing complementary satellite images using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and developing the algorithm that helps fuse two images using GAN. Neeharika subsequently published a paper on her research that was ranked among the top three in the conference.

What’s more, her work in her Industry Practice helped her land a job at the AI Research Lab at Wipro, Bengaluru. Currently engaged as a Research Assistant at the Wipro lab, Neeharika has been working on various NLP related projects such as Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Sampling Techniques, Positional Embeddings, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Knowledge Graphs (KGs). These projects are focused on solving NLP issues related to the pharmaceutical domain.

Neeharika has come a long way thanks to her hard work and her four-year stint at NU. She credits the university for shaping her future and supporting her in her quest to excel and fulfil her dreams.

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