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Dr. Vivek Srivastava

Dr Vivek Srivastava

Acting Dean – Academics

Dr Vivek Srivastava is Acting Dean – Academics. He has 23 years of experience in industry, research and teaching.

Dr Srivastava’s current research focuses on addressing issues related to alternative energy, renewable chemicals, carbon sequestration and novel catalyst design. His research team is working on the design and development of catalysts for sustainable processes, by applying a wide range of synthetic, spectroscopic, and reaction engineering tools to understand the chemical reactions of molecules on catalytic surfaces. This includes a strong emphasis on nanoscale fabrication of catalysts by controlling and manipulating the structure of the material. This research is critical for enabling chemical manufacturing without any significant negative impact on the environment.

Dr Srivastava has postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Chemistry. He is currently Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, NU.

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