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Faculty Area: 3. Industry Faculty


Dr G Krishnamurthy

Dr G Krishnamurthy has 34 years of industry experience in IT, both in development and quality functions. A professor of Computer Science and Management, he

Prof Udai Singh

Prof Udai Singh

Executive Vice President, NIIT Ltd. Head, Synchronous Learning Technology Initiatives, NIIT Ltd. Mr Udai Singh is currently Executive Vice President and Head of the Synchronous

Dr Smarajit Dey

Prof Smarajit Dey

Education Stratergy Expert Dr Smarajit Dey was the President, Strategic Initiatives, and was responsible for NIIT Ltd.’s new businesses. He oversaw the operations of the

Dr Aman Kumar Jha

Prof Aman Kumar Jha

Senior Power Electronics Designer, STMicroelectronics Dr Aman Kumar Jha has been working at STMicroelectronics since 2015 as a senior power electronics designer. He is currently

Prof Kamlesh Bajaj

Prof Kamlesh Bajaj

Prof Kamlesh Bajaj drives the Cyber Security Programme at NIIT University (NU) to establish a Centre of Excellence, develop research programmes, work with industry and

Sanjay Gupta

Prof Sanjay Gupta

Head, Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems (CRCS) Sanjay Gupta received his MTech from IIT, Delhi and is currently heading the Centre for Research in

Prof TV Krishna Rao

Prof TV Krishna Rao

TV Krishna Rao is an environmentalist, and an expert in the areas of GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. He has an MS (Ecology) from Central University,

Sheshadri Chatterjee

Prof Sheshadri Chatterjee

Sheshadri Chatterjee has BTech (Engineering) and MTech (Electronics) degrees from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi where he completed his MBA

Sanjay Kehar

Prof Sanjay Kehar

Sanjay Kehar has 16 years of corporate experience and 12 years’ experiences as management consultant, corporate trainer and faculty with leading Business Schools in the

Pradyuman Chaudhari

Prof Pradyumna N Chaudhari

Pradyumna N Chaudhuri is Adjunct Faculty, Education Technology Department at NIIT University (NU), where he teaches Advanced Instructional Design (AID). Mr Chaudhari completed his MA

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